Frizzy to fabulous

Frizzy to Fabulous is a professional hair salon that specializes in taming and smoothing overly curly hair to frizz free silky healthier hair.
At Frizzy to Fabulous hair care is not an option it is mandatory.
We are dedicated to providing exceptional retexturizing services using the most advanced and restorative formulas to tame, smooth and repair Multi-Textured hair. Our treatments are formulated with botanical and organic ingredients to manage hair from coily/curly locks to Smooth and Silky strands without the use of harsh chemicals. Our vision is for the client’s own hair to grow without attaching commercial extensions and to maintain beautiful healthy hair.


In addition to your salon services Frizzy to Fabulous is offering a mobile salon to travel to your location and provide all the services and treatments that you would normally receive in a salon.

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